Wayne Wolfersberger

Photography and nature have always gone together while Wayne grew up in the Washington D.C. Area. He attended local universities and graduated with degrees in biology and conservation from the University of Maryland and George Mason University. The use of photography to teach concepts to his classes became second nature. Valuable experience was obtained while working for a commercial photographer and later with the US Navy Photo Laboratory and a brief stint with the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service. Wayne taught in Northern Virginia, Maryland and in the United Kingdom under the Fulbright Program. During his years of full time teaching the sciences of biology and earth science, Wayne found time to further expand upon his photographic skills which included wedding photography, school groups and craft shows. Having left full time science teaching, Wayne became an adjunct professor with Virginia Tech and with George Mason University which leaves time for the pursuit of his passion, nature photography. Wayne also teaches photography classes during the fall, winter and spring which allows for a great deal of traveling to prime locations for nature photography during most of the year but especially during the summer months.

Website: https://www.waynewolfersberger.com/


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