Mike Matthews

Mike began his passion for photography over forty years ago and has been shooting professionally for the last 16 years.  Mike’s images have been published in numerous magazines, and university publications.Being an avid outdoorsman, Mike utilizes his outdoor skills to get close to wildlife and captures it with stunning photographs that brings his audience along as if they were there.  Mike enjoys all forms of nature photography, but macro photography is his passion and he speaks on the topic throughout the U.S.  One of Mike’s greatest joys is teaching others how they can capture similar images.  So whether it is with a macro lens, or a telephoto capturing an Osprey in flight, Mike’s hope is that you will enjoy his passion for photography, capturing nature in its truest form, giving God all the credit for the opportunity to fulfill his dream.  Mike offers small group nature photography tours throughout U.S. along with his most popular Frog and Reptile macro workshop.

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