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Marie began her path into photography while traveling out west after college. With a simple point and shoot camera, she fell in love with capturing all the beauty before her.  Somewhere in the middle of Colorado, she purchased her first SLR film camera and from that point on, she continued learning and growing her photography and her vision. 

Fast forward to today and she still loves traveling the country in search of amazing places to photograph with beautiful light. Locally, she enjoys photographing sights that we see every day and tries to capture them in unusual light or with unique framing. 

When she’s not photographing for herself, you’ll find her hard at work teaching others photography and running her business, Capital Photography Center (founded in 2012). 

After 12 years as the Corporate Trainer and Education Programs Manager at Penn Camera, Marie used her experience to start Capital when Penn Camera closed. She wanted to keep the photography classes going to help those with a love of photography expand their skills and reach their goals. With a talented group of instructors and a wide variety of topics, Capital Photography Center is now one of the DC area’s leading photography education resources. 

As an instructor herself, Marie loves to take away one’s intimidation or sense of overwhelming that often accompanies learning new things. She finds just the right way to take complicated concepts and break the information down into easy-to-understand nuggets to share with others. 

Marie is also very active in the Shenandoah Valley where she teaches photography classes for Shenandoah County and writes the Shared Exposures photography column for The Mountain Courier. Her photos can be found in print in several Shenandoah County Galleries, in publications and online for the Shenandoah County Department of Tourism, and have been published in various local magazines and newspapers.

She is a member of ASMP (American Society of Media Photographers) and VECCA (Valley Educational Center for the Creative Arts).


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