Joshua Cripps

Hey everyone! I’m Josh Cripps and I’d like to tell you about myself….AKA why I’m excited for Nature Visions and why I think you’re going to enjoy my presentations. I’m a full time professional landscape photographer. Which means that I earn 100% of my income from doing photography in some way, whether that’s selling prints, doing licensing, contract work, teaching workshops and tours, or selling online courses. I am a contract photographer for Nikon. And what that means is when they have a new camera or new lens they’ll call me up and ask me to go shoot promo images for it. For example when the Nikon D750 came out back in 2014, they hired me to do the sample landscape photos that were used in the global promo materials for that camera. And when the Nikon 8-15 millimeter fisheye lens came out, they sent me an advance copy. I went down to Chile, to southern Patagonia, to photograph for the global marketing campaign for that lens. So suffice it to say when Nikon needs a landscape guy, I’m one of the dudes that they call. But maybe more importantly for you attending Nature Visions is that I’ve been teaching photography for the past nine years. That started out as workshops, simple one day offerings along the California coast. And that’s blossomed now to global workshops, up to 14 day tours in places like New Zealand. I’ll be doing an Africa tour coming up next year as well. I also teach at a lot of conferences including the Out of Chicago series, the Mammoth Photography Festival, and the Outsiders Conference. And I speak at trade shows as well, like Photo Plus Expo and the Consumer Electronics Show, talking all about landscape photography. I have my YouTube channel as well, Joshua Cripps Photography, which just rolled over 300,000 subscribers. So a lot of people seem to really like the way I teach photography, tell stories, and celebrate the beauty of Planet Earth. And I’m looking forward to sharing my excitement with you at Nature Visions.





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