2019 Student Competition

You are invited to enter the Nature Visions Photo Expo 2019 High School Photo Contest



Detailed instructions are below

There is no entry fee and no theme.

The contest is open to any high school or rising 9th grade student from the following areas:

  • Washington DC
  • Maryland: Frederick, Howard, Montgomery & Prince George’s Counties & adjacent Maryland cities & towns
  • Virginia: Arlington, Clarke, Fairfax, Fauquier, Loudoun & Prince William Counties & adjacent Virginia cities & towns

PRIZES: The Grand Prize is $500. Nine other finalists win $100 each. Each of the ten finalists receives three passes to the NVPE 2019 Awards Ceremony & Keynote Speaker Presentation on Saturday November 2, 2019 at the Hylton Performing Arts Center in Manassas, Virginia.

HOW & WHEN TO ENTER: Submit entries ONLINE (only) from May 15 to May 31 at NatureVisions.org.

ATTENTION TEACHERS!!  FREE PASSES TO FRIDAY ALL-DAY SEMINAR FOR HIGH SCHOOL PHOTOGRAPHY CLASSES: Teachers of high school photography classes and clubs in the District of Columbia and neighboring areas of Maryland and Virginia are invited to bring students FREE to attend the all day seminar on Friday November 1.

Our Friday all-day speaker is Ralph Lee Hopkins.  Ralph travels to the world’s wild places with Lindblad Expeditions and National Geographic. He is founder and director of the Expedition Photography program for the Lindblad Expeditions-National Geographic alliance, and for more than 25 years has photographed expeditions from the Arctic to the Antarctic and points in between.


QUESTIONS? E-mail us at studentcontest@naturevisions.org.

The Online Submission Process

Student entrants must register for a free account at the online submission webpage. Limit two entries per student. No entries will be accepted through email.  Late entries cannot be accepted.

Digital Image Preparation

Digital entries must be no larger than 1400 (horizontal) x 1050 (vertical) pixels. The site will not upload larger files (e.g, it will not upload an image in portrait orientation of greater than 1050 pixels high). The DPI (or PPI) setting does not matter.

All images should be saved as JPEGs (.jpg or .jpeg file extensions). SAVE A COPY OF YOUR PROCESSED FILE IN ITS ORIGINAL FULL SIZE. Original files will be requested for printing of finalist images for display at Nature Visions.

There is NO naming convention. The name you assign to your file does not matter, however it saves a step in the upload process because the filename becomes the image name.

The Detailed Step-by-Step Process

      1. Have your digital images ready for submission.
      2. Visit Nature Visions upload site BY CLICKING HERE.
      3. Click the LOGIN button at upper right.
      4. Register by creating a Login Name (your email address) and your Password.
      5. Click on Competitions and then Submit Images to a Competition in the main menu bar to reach the main submission page (submission is only available May 15 through May 31, 2018).
      6. You will see the Student Contest with a summary of how many images you have already submitted (if any).  A maximum of two images is permitted.
      7. Click Select next to Student Competition.
      8. Choose Upload Multiple Images into the Competition. You can use this even if you only have a single image for submission.
      9. This will allow you to submit one or more images.  The image(s) will be uploaded automatically, a green dot will show a successful upload and a new set of fields will appear ready for the next image upload
        1. Do not enter any information into the screen
        2. Simply drag your image from Windows Explorer (or Finder on the Mac) onto the Select button or click the Select button to choose a single image
      10. When you have finished entering images to this category, click the Save Images button
      11. A confirmation screen will appear confirming that one or more images have been added to the competition
      12. At the foot of that same page, click on Return to Competition
      13. You will see a confirmation that the image has been submitted and that the title has been copied across from the file name
      14. You can delete or replace the image if necessary at this stage.
      15. The Submit Images page also confirms the status of your entries submitted.

Eligibility, Rules and Prizes

Eligible Students:  The contest is open to any high school or rising ninth-grade student residing in Montgomery County, Maryland; the Virginia counties of Arlington, Fairfax, Fauquier, Loudoun or Prince William; or in counties, cities or towns of those states which are adjacent to those counties (including Prince Georges/MD, Frederick/MD, Clarke/VA & Howard/MD); and, the District of Columbia. The eight photo clubs that organize the annual Nature Visions Photo Expo are resident in the Virginia and Maryland counties specified above.

Prizes:  The Grand Prize winner will receive $500.  The nine other finalists will each receive $100 each.  All ten finalists will receive three free passes per student (one for the student and two for their guests) to attend the Expo awards ceremony and keynote address on Saturday November 2 at 5:00 pm at the Hylton Center for Performing Arts in Manassas, Virginia.  The ten student finalists will be acknowledged and the winning image will be announced along with the adult winners during the awards ceremony prior to the keynote address.

How to Enter:  Entries shall be submitted only online at http://naturevisions.visualpursuits.com  No more than two entries per student. Entries may have the maximum pixel dimensions of 1400 (width) by 1050 (height).  Entries may be color or monochrome. Entries will be accepted from May 15, 2019 until May 31, 2019. KEEP A SAVED COPY OF YOUR ORIGINAL FILE IN ITS ORIGINAL SIZE. DO NOT SAVE THE ORIGINAL FILE ONLY ON THE SCHOOL COMPUTER. The schools delete these files at the beginning of the school year.  Original files may be requested for printing of finalist images for display at Nature Visions.

Eligible photographs:  Students may submit ANY two images, NOT limited to nature. All elements of the final image must originate as one or more in-camera photographs. All computer manipulations are allowed, including digital filters that alter the original pixels (e.g., blurring, distorting, colorizing, etc.) and adjustments for spot removal, curve and level, saturation, contrast, cropping, conversion to monochrome and color.  Exhibitor guidelines for the Nature Visions photo art photography exhibition otherwise apply.

Terms of entry:  Images submitted for this competition may be used by Nature Visions Photo Expo only for its publicity purposes and may not otherwise be sold or reproduced.

Judging:  Contest results will be announced on August 1, 2019. A judge will select ten finalist images. The Grand Prize winner will be announced at the NVPE Keynote & Awards Ceremony on Saturday November 2, 2019. The student finalist images may be used for NVPE 2019 publicity starting in August 2019.