Denise Silva

Denise Silva headshot

Denise finds every aspect of photography rewarding. From in-camera composition to post-processing, photography is meditative, creative, and challenging. Her passion is to capture images, from landscapes to urban decay, and to share her experiences and knowledge with fellow photographers.

To this end, she and Don Rosenberger started Road Runner Photography Tours. James Norman has recently joined the team! Denise looks forward to sharing her passion for photography with you and knows that Road Runner Photography tours will not only take you to great places, but also give you an opportunity to build your network of photography friends while enhancing your photography skills through experience and knowledge sharing in a supportive environment.

Denise was the featured photographer in the July/August 2015 Photoshop User Magazine Who’s Who in the KelbyOne Community Article.

There is no better place to learn and develop your skills than in the field!