Adding Impact to Landscape & Travel Photography

Adding Impact to Landscape & Travel Photography with Joe Brady
  • Joe Brady

  • Beacon Hall - Room 2
  • Audience: Beginner, Intermediate, Advanced
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Please Note this Presentation Has Been Cancelled

Join host Joe Brady as he shares his approach, thought process and editing insights to produce beautiful images. By understanding the entire process from capture to edit to print to presentation, you can eliminate most problems before you even press the shutter. When you can visualize the final print, you will learn to make better decisions with composition and subject and also take fewer but better images. When you start by thinking about the image framed and having on the wall before you even press the shutter, your decisions on composition, cropping, subject size and visual impact become much clearer!

The second part of this thinking process is knowing that since your camera doesn’t see the way you do, certain image shaping is going to be necessary. If you’ve ever been disappointed with the capture you see on the back of your camera, this presentation can help you to better understand why it’s happening and you will learn how to turn those seemingly disappointing raw files into great photographs!