Photo Art Competition

If an image conforms with the Nature competition rules, it may not be entered into the Photo Art competition. The purpose of the Photo Art competition is to provide a place for photographers to enter non-nature images (people, architecture, street scenes, still lifes, abstracts, etc., etc.) and the judge(s) will be asked to reflect this purpose in their scores.

View winners from the 2019 Photo Art Competition.

Number of Entries

Each club member may submit up to two (2) photographs into the Photo Art competition.


There is not a specific theme.

Specific Rules

All elements of the final image must originate as one or more in-camera photographs taken by the submitter. If textures are used they must be from images photographed by the submitter; the use of smartphone apps or programs (e.g., Topaz Texture Effects) that apply their own built-in textures is not allowed. In post-processing, all manipulations, including digital filters that alter the original pixels (e.g., blurring, distorting, colorizing, etc.) are allowed.

Judging Categories

There are no categories. If you are unsure if your image is a Nature Image and therefore not eligible for the Photo Art Competition, please check with your photography club’s Mid-Atlantic Photo Visions representative for guidance.


  • A “Best in Show” award will be given.
  • One “Highly Honored” award will be given.
  • People’s Choice: Expo attendees will be provided an opportunity to vote for a “People’s Choice” award from among the highest scoring images chosen by the judge. These images will be separately displayed and specifically identified as candidates for the People’s Choice award.

Marketing Rights

Any image submitted into the competition maybe used by Mid-Atlantic Photo Visions for marketing purposes. Credit to the photographer maybe given if feasible.