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Nature Visions is organized by the members of our seven camera clubs.  Summary information about the seven clubs, including activities, locations and meeting times, is here.

If you are a member in good standing of any of  our seven camera clubs, you may submit images to your club’s Nature Visions representative to be judged for exhibition at Nature Visions.  Please contact your club’s Nature Visions representative to find out where and when to submit your photos to the representative.

Please review the Exhibitor Guidance before submitting your images to your club representative. You may download the Exhibitor Guidance by clicking the link below.  Images that do no adhere to the Exhibitor Guidance will be returned by the club representative without being considered for selection.  Entrants are asked to volunteer for a two-hour shift at Nature Visions — use the signup sheet at the link to do it early and get a time slot that does not conflict with any educational sessions of interest to you.

Amended Final 2013 Exhibitor Guidance for Nature & Open Exhibits

Volunteer Signup Sheet for All Entrants in Competition for Nature & Open Exhibits

For more information about the seven Nature Visions clubs, please visit their websites.  Summary information on each club is here.