All BIRD category photos juried into 2017 Nature Visions Photo Expo from members of the 8 sponsoring camera clubs in Maryland and Virginia (NATURE CATEGORIES: Wildlife, Water, Macro, Landscape, Flora, and Birds)


Stanley Bysshe: “Hunter,” BIRDS, (NVPS), (THREE-WAY TIE, OVERALL BIRDS)

Dennis Govoni: “Lining Up,” BIRDS, (NVPS), (THREE-WAY TIE, OVERALL BIRDS)


Art Cole, BIRDS, (MWCC)

Joan Axilbund, BIRDS, (VPS)

Kathrin Swoboda: “Skimmer Flight,” BIRDS, (VPS)

Kathrin Swoboda: “Chicks on the Run,” BIRDS, (VPS)

Kathrin Swoboda: “A Sheltered Chick,” BIRDS, (VPS)

Kathrin Swoboda: “Great Blue Heron and Greater Siren Salamander,” BIRDS, (VPS)

Kathrin Swoboda: “American Bald Eagle Fresh Catch,” BIRDS, (VPS)

Joan Axilbund, BIRDS, (VPS)

Joan Axilbund, BIRDS, (VPS)

Joan Axilbund, BIRDS, (VPS)

Barbara Saffir: “Barn Swallow Calling Mom,” BIRDS, (VPS)

Barbara Saffir: “Anhinga Talk,” BIRDS, (VPS)

Barbara Johnson, BIRDS, (VPS)

Wilson Coudon: “Conowingo Baldy with Fish,” BIRDS, (NVPS)

Wilson Coudon: “Conowingo Baldy,” BIRDS, (NVPS)

Stanley Bysshe: “There is Always One,” BIRDS, (NVPS)

Stanley Bysshe: “Sandhill Pair,” BIRDS, (NVPS)

Stanley Bysshe: “Taking a Break,” BIRDS, (NVPS)

Leonard Johnson, BIRDS, (NVPS)

John Olsen, “Great Blue Heron,” BIRDS, (NVPS)

John Olsen, “Great Blue Heron Family,” BIRDS, (NVPS)

James Norman: “Boiling Point,” BIRDS, (NVPS)

Ginger Werz-Petricka: ” Preening,” BIRDS, (NVPS)

Eva Lanyi: “Egret and Moss,” BIRDS, (NVPS)


Dennis Govoni: “Synchronized,” BIRDS, (NVPS)

Dennis Govoni: “Reddish Egret in Repose,” BIRDS, (NVPS)

Curtis Gibbens: “Goldfinch Call,” BIRDS, (NVPS)

Bill Millhouser: “Sandhills,” BIRDS, (NVPS)

Bill Millhouser: “Little Bee Eater,” BIRDS, (NVPS)

Bill Millhouser: “Early Morning Catch,” BIRDS, (NVPS)

Bill Corbett, “Catch,” BIRDS, (NVPS)

Bill Corbett, “Merganser,” BIRDS, (NVPS)

Bill Corbett, “Golden Hen,” BIRDS, (NVPS)

Bill Corbett, “Bathing Wood Duck,” BIRDS, (NVPS)

Alan Goldstein, “Hey, Ladies!” BIRDS, (NVPS)

Alan Goldstein: “What A Great Day!” BIRDS, (NVPS)

Alan Goldstein: “Gotcha!” BIRDS, (NVPS)

Robert Greenberg: “Juvenile Red-Shouldered Hawk,” BIRDS, (NIHCC)

Jim Turner: “Orlando Heron,” BIRDS, (NIHCC)

David Terao: “Great Egret,” BIRDS, (NIHCC)

Dale Lewis: “Flamingo,” BIRDS, (NIHCC)

Steven Silverman: “Cattle Egret,” BIRDS, (NBCC)

Steven Silverman: “Tern,” BIRDS, (NBCC)

Lorraine Chickering: “The Dinner Dance,” BIRDS, (NBCC)

Lorraine Chickering: “Friday Night Fight,” BIRDS, (NBCC)

John Norvell: “Snow Geese at Sunrise,” BIRDS, (NBCC)

Dick Pelroy, BIRDS, (NBCC)

Dick Pelroy, BIRDS, (NBCC)

Dick Pelroy, BIRDS, (NBCC)

Dick Pelroy, BIRDS, (NBCC)

Dick Pelroy, BIRDS, (NBCC)

Chet Stein: “Golden-Olive Woodpecker, Ecuador,” BIRDS, (NBCC)

Cherry Wyman: “Duck,” BIRDS, (NBCC)

Carol Lee: “Aerial Combat,” BIRDS, (NBCC)

Bruce Cyr, BIRDS, (NBCC)

Sharon Eisenzopf: “Fly Away,” BIRDS, (MWCC)

Sharon Eisenzopf: “A Mouthful,” BIRDS, (MWCC)

Mills Kelly, BIRDS, (MWCC)

Mills Kelly, “Finch,” BIRDS, (MWCC)

Joseph Pitera, BIRDS, (MWCC)

Jerry Koons, BIRDS, (MWCC)

Jerry Koons, BIRDS, (MWCC)

Jeanne Mitcho: “Touch Down,” BIRDS, (MWCC)

Art Cole: “Frog in Beak,” BIRDS, (MWCC)

Art Cole: “Release Point,” BIRDS, (MWCC)

Andrew Sentipal: “Floating Fish,” BIRDS, (MWCC)

Amy Rideout: “Favorite Flora Found,” BIRDS, (MWCC)

Thomas Hamilton: “Bayou Resident,” BIRDS, (LRA)

Samantha Marshall: “Strawberry,” BIRDS, (LPC)

Reggie Forster: “Crows on Stump,” BIRDS, (LPC)

Patricia Berry: “Curious Gull,” BIRDS, (LPC)

K. Simmonds, BIRDS, (LPC)

Jeff Schweiger: “Angelic,” BIRDS, (LPC)

Jeff Johnson: “Solitude Ruby,” BIRDS, (LPC)

Gretchen Rutkowski: “Alone,” BIRDS, (LPC)