The best of the NVPE Speaker Blogroll for 2015 is here!

Marc Muench:  It’s a tie between Making the Best of Conditions and The Quality of Light.
Marc’s NVPE 2015 presentation is the Friday all-day seminar, Mastering Landscape Photography.

Joe McNally: Change Your Lens.
Joe’s NVPE 2015 presentation is The Light and the Life.

John Barclay: You Bring Your Own Good Time With You.
John’s NVPE 2015 presentation is Master Your Craft, Follow Your Vision.

Mark Buckler:  Shooting at Water Level Can Be Costly.
Mark’s NVPE 2015 presentation is Thoughtfully Creating Compelling Nature & Wildlife Compositions.

Rad Drew: Transforming a Natural Shot to a Surreal One.
Rad’s NVPE 2015 presentations are Introduction to iPhone Photography and Advanced iPhone – It’s Not Your Daddy’s Camera.

Marie Joabar: Apps to Help Plan Your Photo Shoots.
Marie’s NVPE 2015 presentation is the FREE class for beginning photographers, Your Photography Road Map.

Mike Moats: Look for Contrast.
Mike’s NVPE 2015 presentations are Macro Photography Hands-on Workshop (sold out) and Macro and Flower Photography.

Denise Silva:  It’s a tie between Third Party Printing and Texture Tutorial.
Denise’s NVPE 2015 presentation is Adobe Camera Raw in Lightroom and Photoshop.

Frank Smith: Super Blood Moon Eclipse.
Frank’s NVPE 2015 presentations are Philanthropic Photojournalism: For the Love of It! and Travel Photography – The Joy of Light and No Bag Fees.

We hope you enjoy these selections from among a lot of great work by these artists.