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It’s a Wrap!

Susan Phillips winner of the "Best in Show"

Susan Phillips is being congratulated by Expo President Greg Daily and Art Wolf for winning “Best in Show”


With the 2011 Expo behind us we would like to take a few minutes to recap the event and thank everyone who made the Expo possible.

This year for the first time we started the Expo with a full day workshop by renowned photographer Art Wolfe.  Art taught his composition workshop.  His background is painting and it was fascinating to learn how this has influenced his photographic art.  We were also treated to some of his unpublished work that was nothing less than mind blowing.  After Art’s workshop we transformed the Gregory Theatre into the display space for this year’s juried images.   We featured 300 juried images from members of the 6 founding camera clubs. The body of work was as stunning as it was diverse.

Saturday morning Charles Needle kicked off the lectures with his inspirational presentation on impressionistic and macro photography.   Next up was Baltimore based photographer Arthur Ransome who discussed “Seeing in Black and White”, followed by Ellen Anon sharing her insights into creating visual intensity.  At 4:00 pm Art Wolfe took the stage to present his keynote lecture “Between Heaven & Earth”.   Art’s keynote was educational, inspirational, and entertaining!  After Art’s keynote he assisted us in awarding the Best in Show ribbons from those that were juried into the exhibit.  Congratulations to Tom Brett for winning 3rd place with his print titled “Single Beach Grass”, Mark Dilallo  won 2nd place for his print titled “Great Falls Sunrise”, Geff Bourke won 1st place for his print titled “The Web” and Susan Phillips won Best in Show with her print titled “White Peacock Display”.

Sunday morning Lynda Richardson started us off with her presentation on “photo essays”, next up was Kevin Adams presenting a program on “digital after dark”, followed by Denise Ippolito who spoke about “a blend of art and nature”.  Joseph Rossbach closed out the Sunday lectures with a great presentation on “creating dramatic landscape images”.

In addition to 2 days of lectures, we also had 2 days of workshops.  The topics were diverse and many of the workshops sold out.  In between the lectures and workshops attendees could visit with our vendors.  Many were offering special pricing and the latest products were available.

Those of us who worked behind the scenes were thrilled by the success of this year’s Expo.  We want to thank our sponsors, vendors, and volunteers.  Without their help the Expo would not have been possible.  However, we are always on the lookout for talented volunteers to help with the planning and production of next year’s Expo.  If you are interested please contact us at info AT naturevisions DOT org.

After spending the last 8 months posting weekly blog updates, our blog editor needs a vacation.  We plan to start the blog up again in the spring.  We are always looking for content so if you think you might be interested in being a guest blogger on our site, please contact Don Rosenberger at info AT naturevisions DOT org to discuss specifics.

If you’re one of the folks that made it to the Expo this year, we want to thank you for your support and we hope you had a great time.  If you did not make it to the Expo this year, we hope you will mark your calendar for November 9 and 10, 2012 and see us next year!


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