Alan DeFelice

Picture of Alan DefliceAlan DeFelice is a professional photographer with more than 25 years experience.  His work ranges from nature and wildlife to landscapes, travel, macro and portraiture.   Alan’s passion grew from 35mm film capturing travel photos, to medium format landscapes and portraiture and then into digital nature and wildlife when the first digital SLRs hit the market.  Alan has received local, regional and National awards and recognition for his photographs and his work has been published in magazines, used as album covers for local recording artists, used in National advertising campaigns, as well as hung in several public and a couple private galleries.  For several years Alan has been a partner with Virginia Digital Photo Safaris.  Using a combination of classroom instruction, hands on training and on-location workshops Alan has built a reputation as expert nature photographers while helping hundreds of photographers to improve their craft.

Alan has served as President of the Manassas Warrenton Camera Club and has judged several photography competitions to include local school competitions, camera club competitions and regional competitions.  Alan’s passion for photography continues to grow and develop and fuels his desire to teach others what he has learned.   Alan believes in capturing more than just what he sees, determining what attracted his attention, isolating and enhancing that through the appropriate choice of technique, composition, perspective to provide a coherent and cohesive message.  Alan teaches that the more we align the tools at our disposal to form a congruent message in our image the stronger the impact and more lasting the artistic value of the image.   It is a dimensional quality that continues to draw the viewer’s attention and hold their gaze.


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