Time for Bluebells


With the early arrival of spring this year comes the early arrival of a favorite.  Bluebells grow in abundance along Bull Run in Manassas and Riverbend Park in Fairfax.  There may be other locations in our area but these are the two that I know.

Bluebells usually bloom in early to mid-April and then disappear until the next year soon after blooming.  The Bluebells can be a challenging subject to photograph,  but at the same time a truly worthwhile subject.   If macro photography is not your specialty, the forest floor is covered with green and blue and makes for nice landscape photography.

If you decide to shoot the Bluebells be sure to bring something to kneel on or wear rain pants.  The ground is usually wet in the environment where the beautiful flowers flourish.

Get out soon or you will have to wait until next year.


Don Rosenberger is a member of the Manassas Warrenton Camera Club and a volunteer for Nature Visions.  Don considers himself a “professional amateur” and spends much of his free time in pursuit of his passion.  More of Don’s work can be seen at www.donrosenberger.com.

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