Sowing the seeds of creativity

Our guest blogger is Nikhil Bahl,  Nikhil will be teaching a workshop on Bird Photography at this year’s Expo! 

All artists are faced with a wide variety of choices and decisions when creating their art. On the other hand, there are fundamental differences between how artists begin the creative process. While painters contemplate what elements to include on the canvas, photographers dwell on what they are going to exclude from the photograph. Like all other art forms, photography is a type of expression that is highly personalized. Nature photographers, including myself, predominantly make illustrations of beautiful subjects in good light and conditions. Relying on unusual conditions or spectacular light is a valid approach to making a photograph. Working to create a quality image in less than ideal conditions is a challenge that requires some creativity. What’s even more challenging is trying to capture and convey feeling in a photograph.

 Creativity is the ability to transcend traditional ideas and rules, and to create meaningful new ideas, methods or interpretations. It is a result of progressive thinking that expresses the thoughts of the artist in an imaginative way. While this may sound intimidating, creativity is born from the act of striving to be different, in both attitude and approach. If you want to be creative, that’s where you have to start.

You can read more on this topic in Nikhil’s eBook Creative Interpretations

Nikhil Bahl is a professional nature photographer, educator, author, lecturer and workshop instructor. You can view more of Nikhil’s work at or follow his blog ( or facebook page (

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