Addicted to Photoshop

Our guest blogger this week is John Barclay.  John presented his “Dream – Believe – Create” lecture at the expo in 2010.

How lucky are we as photographers to live in such a time!  A time when we are afforded so many tools and plug-ins for the digital dark room.  I was one of the last hold outs using film and was dragged into this crazy digital world kicking and screaming.  In 2006 I was quoted (and am reminded by good friends often) as saying “I’ll never go digital, Photoshop frightens me!”  Fast forward to 2011, I’m now an addict!  

The digital darkroom can be overwhelming for many.  The thought of mastering Photoshop can seem daunting.  Enter Plug-ins.  Plug-ins are are essentially tools that do what can be done in Photoshop, however, they typically offer a cleaner, read easier interface to work with.  In the case of Nik Software, they allow you to click and point to an area to adjust and then give you all the sliders you need.  The sliders are clearly marked and logical!  Brightness, Contrast, Saturation, etc.

For the image associated with this blog post.  I used a nifty plug-in from Totally Rad called Dirty Pictures along with a FlyPaper Texture.  The Dirty Pictures plug-in makes the process of texture overlays easy.  FlyPaper makes tremendous texture files perfect for texture work.  These two tools together make textures fun!   If you want to learn more about Dirty Pictures you can watch a few video podcasts I’ve done on my blog.

John Barclay is a freelance photographer based in Bucks County PA.  John is a passionate workshop leader and motivational speaker presenting his inspiring Dream – Believe – Create program to audiences all over the country. You can see more of his work by visiting his webstie or blog

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