Great Falls – Natures Own Sculpture Garden

This week’s guest blogger is Arthur Ransome.  Arthur is a member of the Baltimore Camera Club and will be one of our presenters at this years Expo!

The sound of crashing water greets you in thunderous waves, drowning out all other sounds.  Before night begins its transition into day, the veil of darkness teases the imagination with the magnificence and sheer power of water tumbling over cold, hard stone on its journey to the ocean.

 A lone tree clinging to a rocky overlook watches the water continue on its passage before it plunges into the abyss below.

 Mist rises above the plunge pools, reaching for the clouds in the sky.  On a cold winter’s morning water droplets immediately freeze on whatever surface they rest, creating jewel like patterns.  The rising sunlight bounces around their inner surfaces, refracting light into its many wondrous colors. 

Huge stones, sculpted by water over millennia reveal natures own, slowly evolving artwork.  Gorges form as the rushing water punches its way through hard stone.  Its energy finally spent, slowing now to a trickle.  The sound of gurgling water is only interrupted by the singing of birds and an occasional splash as a fish lunges out of its habitat to capture a dragon fly, scurrying about the calm water surface.  This is a magnificent place.

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