A Little Texture

Thanks to Tony Sweet for being our guest blogger this week! 

Here’s a texturized image from the Charleston waterfront:

One of the great ways to make an image your own is by adding a texture. There are many textures out there and many can be downloaded for no charge from Fllickr and from other social photography sites. Of course, you can photograph your own: skies, water movement, sand and rock patterns, and rusted iron are some possibilities. But, there are also sets that are designed and are quite subtle and appealing, easy to stack texture upon texture in photoshop at various opacities for a different look.

 Here’s a great plugin to get you going texturizing!!

 Totally Rad’s Dirty Pictures –  This plugin comes with 21 really good textures loaded in it’s easy to add your ow n. This is attractive because it enables you to try textures, one after the other, without closing out of photoshop and reopening. This is a very quick way to run through your textures to find the one that suits the image. Then you have the options, as in photoshop, to select various blend modes and to adjust the opacity. The price is $149, which is a bit steep, but if you think in terms of time saved and ease of use, it definitely pays for itself.

Tony Sweet is a Nikon Legend Behind the Lens, Lensbaby Guru, and Charter member of Team Nik. He also conducts workshops throughout the year in North America and in Iceland. Visit: http://blog.tonysweet.com

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