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To promote and advance the appreciation of photography in the Mid-Atlantic Region and elsewhere; to encourage the participation in photography by individuals with all levels of experience and all areas of photographic interest; and to increase the appreciation of photographic art within our community.

An Event for Anyone Interested in Photography

Ultimately, the Expo’s primary goal is to spark the photographic interests of those who attend the show.  Many attendees are simply dazzled by the beauty of the photographs on display.  Yet, ALL of the skilled photographers whose work is exhibited began as novices.

It is the hope of the Expo that visitors are inspired by the creativity of the exhibiting photographers and are encouraged to improve their own skills as photographers.  Visitors can meet their peers (young and old alike) to see how they got started.  They have a chance to have their work critiqued, as well as meet with photography instructors to learn about photography classes and workshops that are available to them.

Attendees can also learn about the benefits of joining one of the local camera clubs, and talk with companies who specialize in gear and equipment for photographers.

The centerpiece of the Expo is a display of more than three hundred images that have been selected by a panel of jurors. This exhibit showcases photographs of landscapes, wildlife, and flowers in their nature habitat created by local artists.

Novice and advanced photographers alike have the opportunity to learn from locally and nationally known photographers with expertise in a variety of fields.  Learn about the latest photography equipment and apparel.  Find out about classes and workshops offered by local photographers.

The Expo also offers two full days of lectures by noted photographers, preceded by a full-day seminar on Friday by an internationally known photographer and teacher.  Another popular activity is the chance to photograph hawks and owls.  Thanks to the Raptor Conservancy of Virginia, photographers can focus their cameras on these magnificent wild birds in a natural setting just outside the Hylton Center.

The event also provides visitors with opportunity to interact with other photographers as well as with those involved in providing goods and services to photographers. Visitors can meet representatives from leading companies that support photography and, in many cases, nature photographers in their quest to take better photographs.

 A Brief History

In 2002 Six camera clubs in Northern Virginia saw the opportunity to promote the talents of their members, their individual clubs, and photography in general. When they started planning the first Expo, they found immediate support in the local photographic community, support which has grown each year.

In 2003, the Northern Virginia Photographic Society (NVPS), one of the participating camera clubs, was awarded 1st place in the Camera Club Category of the Nature’s Best annual international photography contest. The winning NVPS images were displayed in the fall 2003 edition of Nature’s Best Magazine. Nature’s Best Magazine ranks as one of the finest nature photography publications in the world and the Nature Visions Photography Expo (formerly known as the Meadowlark Nature Photography Expo) has been privileged to have their support.

In 2006, the Expo added a keynote presentation to the line-up when Bobby Harrison spoke about his efforts to find and photograph the illusive Ivory-billed woodpecker. In 2008, Frans Lanting provided the keynote address on his latest book project “Life: a Journey through Time”.  Since 2011 our “star” photographer/educators have also given a full-day seminar on the Friday of Expo weekend.  This year the noted photographer and photography author Bryan Peterson will step into those shoes, following the very popular Art Wolfe (2011) and Seth Resnick (2012).

The 2013 Expo will build on this rich history for an even better experience for attendees. In addition, the NIH Camera Club from Bethesda, MD has joined the group of  clubs that puts on the expo.


The Expo is a three-day immersion in photography that is not to be missed!

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